3 Key Elements To Look For In A Free CRM Software

              3 Key Elements To Look For In A Free CRM Software

Before getting in deep about the key elements, it is important that there is a fair knowledge about what a CRM system actually is. Throughout the process of dealing with the customers in any sales process involving the customer lifecycle, it is important that the data, process and strategies involved in the life cycle are very well tracked and maintained.

This overall management is what is called customer relationship management.

Thinking on par with this fast-moving world, maintaining records and management services on paper or through human sources often prove to be difficult. Just like every other area, this management can also be aided with technology in the form of software to aid business processes and to keep this tracking as simple as possible both in favour of the customer and the organization.

The main motto of bringing in this CRM system is to enhance the entire work process and also to automate and improvise certain features which otherwise required a lot of time and resource support to execute. For example, analyzing the annual results with the statistics calculated and written will usually take a lot of time and men resource to execute which when brought under the sales CRM can easily become instantaneous.

Just with the right formula and an easy script or algorithm, this can be made possible for as long as possible just by making sure that all the required data for that particular analysis has been properly loaded into the system.

Since the concerned product here is a free software, it is evident that the cost of the product is not to be considered. Otherwise, cost-effectiveness is one of the highly considered important factors or element in order to choose between the various available CRM systems. Just like in any other product, the range in which the organization might be comfortable with, will come with a lot of available and missing features.

But when considering the free CRM software, there are several other key elements that are to be taken into consideration.

So, taking the cost off the list, some other key elements include customer data management, email and social media management, statistical analysis capability, mobile and other collaborative facilities. Explaining a few below :

  • Managing the customer data and contact information: It is natural in the process that a lot of customer data are being stored in the organization’s database.  The CRM system has this data management as one of its key responsibilities or feature to be noted. The aspect of proper arrangement, data security along with file space management and easy lookup to access as and when required by the employee is one important element that a CRM system should have. This contact management of the customers will come to be useful in many ways. Firstly, it segregates the customers into suitable pipelines based on their information along with the similarly based customers. Secondly, when social media is brought into focus, this contact management will have a very important role to play there. That being said, the customer data management holds a firm stand as one of the key elements of choosing a good free CRM software.
  • Email and social media management: Another key feature to note in any good CRM system before choosing the software is to check its efficiency in maintaining email and social media relations with the existing customers as well as the designed ways and means to attract more customers in the market. As far as the email management is concerned, the software should team up with any of the major email dealing giants and be able to keep track of emails, forwarded emails, downloading files from emails and so on. It should also come with features that can automate certain emails that can work well without any human attention. As far as social media is concerned, in today’s scenario, it is one of the main sources of directly interacting with the customers. In that sense, the system should work in a way to directly read and connect with the customers and their demands related to the service and this proves to be of great help to the sales CRM in many ways.
  • Statistical results and other analyzing capacities: This is also one of the most important aspects that are to be considered while choosing a free CRM software. A good CRM system is not just for storing results and mail data, but it should also have the capability to analyse the acquired data and come up with statistical and graphical results which prove to be of a great help to the employees who try to come up with ways and means of enhancing the sales CRM and the entire business process. What used to be a tedious task before these systems came into existence should now be made easy with the CRM system because improvising is what the entire aim of the free CRM software implementation is all about.

Beyond these three major key elements, there are other features like mobile facilities and other collaborative facilities where technology is being updated in a way that things are made easier for both the organisation’s employees and the customers by bringing the system to their handset with a lot of mobiles accommodating features and facilities.

As far as collaboration is concerned, it is important that the CRM system remains integrated with the various departments within the organisation, be it sales or marketing or sales, it is important that the functioning of these departments remain connected to as to bring in the overall satisfaction of the free CRM software for the sales CRM.

Author Bio:-

Apoorv Bhatnagar is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process.



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