7 Best Writing Apps For Your Mobile Devices

Writing for most is a passion. One would describe bliss’s feeling only when a flow of uninterrupted thoughts from a colorful amalgamation on paper. But even the best of us need tools to edit our work. And for all the young and budding writers out there, we have come up with a list of the Top 7 writing apps that will make your life much more comfortable, giving you the best advantage over the rest! Carry your work around with you with anyone of these best writing apps: 

iA Writer

iA Writer is one of the most renowned writing apps that started with exclusive App Store access but later expanded its reach to Android. iA Writer has received high rankings and praises for its user interface as well as useability. 

This app offers several features that give it’s users an edge over their writing ability. A remarkable feature that makes this app desirable is the control each writer receives, including an option to export work in any personal choice format, including PDF, MS Word, etc.


Jotterpad is a simple but elegant writing app that has made numerous customers happy and continues to do so. This app makes writing easy by offering its customers convenient and usable features such as a built-in dictionary and thesaurus. 

Jotterpad does not compromise on the quality of your write up and can load large files without affecting the backend’s performance. You can export your document in any format of your choice or upload it to the cloud for easier access. The app can be freely downloaded, and it includes in-app purchases to unlock premium features like suggestions for improvement of app functioning. 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is a reputed app that can be found across mobile phones and Windows PCs. The usability of this app has improved over time through various timely updates. It is not just a writing app, but can act as your assistant! The best part is that MS-Word is free of cost and available for download across all platforms! Features include a proofreader and a citations assistant! 


Evernote is one of the most elite note-taking apps to capture your ideas anytime, anywhere. This app’s usability has been in the news for a while, and for a good reason too. It not only allows you to type but also allows you to record your voice and post pictures. 

It is the best place to keep your notes organized and ultimately provide you with a great experience. Another fantastic feature is that all the documents sync automatically across all devices hence helping you access your write-up from any device!


Ulysses is an Apple Design Award Winning app that helps the writer stay focused while expressing their thoughts. The app is designed to maximize your productivity and enables you to immerse yourself in writing. This app offers you precisely what you need and reserves the advanced features when you need it. This unites a minimalist writing interface with a powerful backend that can manage all your write-ups!

Monospace Writer

Monospace Writer is another excellent writing app that limits features to what is essential for your everyday use. This app is perfect for no-nonsense writers as it has every tool you require for good writing. Monospace Writer’s unique feature allows you to group all similar documents using a hashtag, efficiently organizing your work. You can also integrate your app with Google Drive or dropbox for better accessibility! 

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an excellent tool to edit your documents. It assists you while writing by improving your sentences and suggesting necessary and upgrading changes. Suggestions in Hemmingway editor are made in 5 parts. 

The Yellow sentences tell you when your statement is lengthy, the Red ones highlight ambiguous statements and sometimes give suggestions for improvement. The Purple Words offer Alternatives for a word or phrase to make it sound less hefty, the Blue Words highlight what is to omit, and the Green Phrases point out all passive phrases. This tool acts as your editor, and what’s more, all these features are free! 


These apps will not only help you improve your abilities but build on them in a transformative manner. You can also do so with the help of Word Unscrambler. You will be able to observe a real change in your writing style, vocabulary, and grammar. 

And the only difference would be the addition of a small app to your smartphone – a chance you will not regret! All these applications have a common aim that is to benefits you as a writer. If you liked this article and wish to read similar ones, you can visit our official website! 

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