Best Mobile Parental Control Apps in 2017

We have rounded up here the top 5 parental controls and mobile phone monitoring apps of 2017 to help parents pick the best from the bulk.

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Best Mobile Parental Control Apps in 2017

Do you know more than 75 percent of American teens have access to the mobile phone? The widespread adoption of mobile phones, internet and social media has put a significant influence on the iGeneration who thinks that their next tweet, post and viral video cannot wait for the next moment. Today’s kids dedicate most of their time to mobile phones and media from which they never want to take a break. Though the things seem innocuous, there are myriad threats associated with the excessive and unbridled use of these technologies. The teens and tweens are exposing to the dangers of online bullying, child predation, catfishing, scamming, sexting and the online sex crimes. In this situation, the parental control apps enable parents to monitor their kids’ digital lives with an aim to safeguard them from the potential online dangers. Meanwhile, the parental control apps make the children understand the importance of limits in the online world by putting the restriction on their mobile and app use.

Best Mobile Parental Control Apps in 2017

We have rounded up here the top 5 parental controls and mobile phone monitoring apps of 2017 to help parents pick the best from the bulk.

Net Nanny Parental Control App

The award-winning parental control app Net Nanny is best known for website filtering. It allows your kids to use the internet without the fear of exposing to objectionable and age-inappropriate stuff. Net Nanny acts as the internet browser on the mobile phone of your child and blocks access to the explicit websites and adult-oriented material. Moreover, it masks bad language and explicit photos on the unrestricted web pages. The app also allows parents to set time limits for the use of the internet and mobile phone apps. It also authorizes you to give approval for the mobile phone application for installation and block unwanted apps installed on the phone.

TheOneSpy Cell Phone Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable mobile parental control apps offering a broader range of features. It is a multi-platform app compatible with Android phones and iPhones. The spy app lets you monitor and control the mobile phone of your children without having access. You can remotely read the messages; listen and record phone calls; intercept calls; track GPS location; view photos and videos; manage phone contacts; monitor social media accounts and other online accounts. Moreover, the phone monitoring app lets you monitor the surrounding of your children when they are away from you. You can remotely turn on the microphone and camera of their mobile phones to listen to their conversations and see their surrounding scenes. You can monitor the internet use of your kids reviewing their internet browsing details. It provides a complete solution to supervise the online and offline lives of your children.

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier offers all the traditional features of the parental control apps and provides control over multiple functions on multiple mobile devices. The main features of the app include website blocking, location tracking and app monitoring. The website filtering blocks access to the inappropriate content; the location tracking lets you find out the whereabouts of your kids and app monitoring lets you monitor the use of installed mobile phone apps. Also, the app allows you to set time for the use of the mobile phone. However, you cannot expect from the app to let you monitor the messages, phone calls and social media activities of your children.

MMGuardian Phone Tracking App

MMGuardian is the mobile phone tracking application that allows spying on messages, phone calls and web surfing activities of children. You can read the incoming and outgoing messages of your children; see their call logs; locate their location and monitor internet browsing history on their phones. You can block incoming messages and phone calls from the unknown or unwanted sources and lock or unlock the phone in case of theft or loss to protect the phone data. The parental control app also lets you block inappropriate websites and set time limits for the use of phone and applications installed on the phone.

ESET Parental Control App

ESET provides the detail of the mobile phone use of your children including the detail of the mobile apps used and websites visited. It allows the parents to set filters for the websites to restrict access to the objectionable websites. The parental control app lets you set the time limits for the use of phone and its applications. Also, you can approve or unapproved the apps before the installation. Though the app does not offer social media monitoring and calls and messages tracking, it provides the foremost features of setting up web filters and screen time for children.

Hope you would have found our list helpful in picking the best mobile parental control app to supervise the digital lives of your children.