17 tools to reduce cost for customer support in SaaS

Tools that you can use to flawlessly develop the structure that holds your business:

The sheer competition today makes it absolutely necessary for your business to have the right set of marketing and sales tools. Here are some of the proven ones:

17 tools to reduce cost for customer support in SaaS


Being adept at ensuring seamless communication is what it takes today for a business to sustain. Perhaps that is why businesses strive to excel at the exigent task of providing customers with timely response. While Saas (Software as a Service) has made it easier for customer support representatives to effectively communicate, there are tools that can make the customer experience even more delightful. You will be surprised to know that the top-notch companies are using as many as 37 tools to maintain their daily operations. With these invaluable tools, you can reduce the operating cost while providing outstanding customer support at the same time.

Maintaining the Financial Health:

Maintaining the financial health of your business is pivotal for the economic growth of your business. Here are some tools with which you can do that at ease:

  1. Expensify: You can stay at the top of expense management with the Expensify tool. Designed to make the entire process starting from receipt scanning to reimbursement hasslefree, this tool is the first choice of many businesses.

  2. Baremetrics: Baremetrics is one of those tools that are essential for the growth of your business. This tool can easily translate the invoice data into metrics that can be further used for deriving analytics necessary to engage with the customers.

  3. Quickbook: This time-saving tool can be used for the purpose of creating personalized invoices as well as downloading transactions automatically. Other features of this tool include payment reminders, inventory, tax deductions, project management and so on.

  4. Stripe: The meticulous design of the Stripe is what makes it one of the best finance tools for internet business. Their secure interface attracts e-commerce stores, subscription services and so on.


Behind the Flawless Customer Support

It remains a daunting task for businesses to provide their customers with flawless customer support. This challenge can be managed well with some of the most innovative tools available today:

  1. Intercom: Intercom makes it easy for your business to capture leads, engage customers and retain the existing customers. This comprehensive tool remains instrumental for many businesses to drive sales with features like chatbots, in-app messaging, customer data platform, business messenger etc.

  2. Inspectlet: Helping you to understand the motive of your customers, this tool records everything that your customers do on your website. Insights offered by this tool can help you to understand the reasons behind abandoned transactions as well.

  3. Groove: Ever wondered how customers care for personalized support? Groove helps you to bring all the support channels i.e. emails, live chats, social media posts in one helpdesk. With this tool, you can provide your customer with necessary support at the moment of urgency.

  4. Grasshopper: Many businesses consider voice support as the prime mode of free customer support that they offer. Being ideal for such businesses, Grasshopper helps you stay connected with your cell phone. Useful features like multiple extensions, business texting, call forwarding etc. make the entire thing even easier for you.

  5. Promoter: Whether you would like to predict future customer behavior or offer real-time assistance, Promoter does it all for you. Using the Net Promoter Score effectively, they are adept at measuring the sentiment of your customers.

Developing Codes for Stability

A stable business requires well-developed codes which are as important as a team of proficient players. Here are some the tools that you can use to flawlessly develop the structure that holds your business:

  1. Bugsnag: Bugsnag is known for its ability to monitor application stability efficiently. Whether you want to fix a bug or introduce a new feature, Bugsnag has got you covered. One of the most important features of this tool is that it provides you with automated error reporting for web, backend applications and mobile as well.

  2. Dome9: This innovative SaaS platform takes pride in offering comprehensive security for cloud infrastructures. It doesn’t only help you to mitigate risks but also identifies threats and addresses them.

  3. Github: Making it hasslefree for you to have lightweight tools, Github has been designed to offer you a wide range of services including code review, social coding, code hosting, integrations, and so on.

  4. Email on Acid: Email on Acid ensures that emails sent are rendered exactly as you wanted. Catering to the email testing needs of many reputed businesses, this tool comes with features such as email editor, email analytics, spam testing etc.

Boosting the Sales with Proven Tools

The sheer competition today makes it absolutely necessary for your business to have right set of marketing and sales tools. Here are some of the proven ones:

  1. Sumo: Many businesses suffer from not being able to communicate with their potential audience. Sumo solves that problem by promoting your business in the best manner possible.

  2. ConvertKit: Mastering the art of sending targeted content to the customers, ConvertKit helps you to organize your subscribers as well as grow your audience at the same time.

  3. Buffer: Having a social media account is not enough for a business in today’s world. Buffer offers assistance regarding scheduling posts, analyzing performance and managing all the accounts from one place.

  4. Adroll: Using AI-driven marketing technology, Adroll essentially helps a business in attracting shoppers and converting them into your customers.



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