Why Python is Best for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Why Python is Best for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Latest technologies are overtaking industrial burden day by day and AI is at peak of them. Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost every sector. It is going to achieve its target very soon with the help of Deep Learning and Machine Learning techniques. The machines are going to be smart, intelligent and self-dependent for decision making.

In coming 20 years, AI is going to totally change the world. AI and its fields are booming very quickly which will lead to the demand for AI services, thus too much job openings in this area. One who is capable and well known in this field is going to become successful and the person who does not know what AI is will be considered as aborigines. Who don’t have any idea of AI should start learning about it otherwise they will be different from the technological world.

Why Python is Best for Machine Learning and Deep Learning 1
Benefits of Python in Machine learning:

Machine Learning Algorithms:

Machine Learning deals with making machines intelligent by self-learning process, they are trained with previous data to drive accurate results. Data is fitted in the model. The model includes an algorithm through which it is trained, the main type of algorithms are Random Forest, Naive Bayes, Decision tree, kNN (k-nearest neighbor) and K-means clustering.

These can be used to make classes or clusters of output data while making the prediction. Parameters and functions of the model learn the data during the training phase. A lot of mathematical equations are written while making an algorithm for a particular model. Giving an example SVM (support vector machine) model learn the data with the help of objective and regularization function along with the kernel function.

Programming languages to make the model:

There are so many programming languages to implement machine learning like Python, R, C++ and many more. But, Python is a programming language which is widely used to train the dataset with a different set of models which includes classification, regression, and unsupervised learning.

Different programming language such as R and Matlab can also be used to accomplish the same but R is much slower than Python as well as syntax is very confusing. Talking about MATLAB, it is a commercial and proprietary software which is very costly.

Though it is one of the best tools for mathematical processing as well as Machine learning and Deep learning became part of MATLAB 2017 but everyone cannot buy the license. So as a conclusion, python becomes the choice of millions as it is both open source and supportable libraries for machine learning and deep learning.

Benefits of Python in Machine learning:

In order to perform machine learning, one must have knowledge of basic programming language. Python is most recommended language for deep learning and machine learning techniques. This is because it has some positive aspects over another programming languages. Here are some of the points discussed below which make Python to provide a productive environment for coders :

  • Interactive Nature: Python includes many third-party modules to interact with. With these modules, Python is capable of making interaction with another language like Java, C, / C++, Fortran, Perl, PHP, R and many more.
  • Library Support: Python supports deep learning libraries like Theano, Torch, Keras, Caffe and TensorFlow and Scikit which is a machine learning library. To perform different functions and scientific & mathematical calculations Scikit Learn, SciPy and Numpy are used. All these libraries in Python aids in performing mathematical computational operations.
  • Open Source Software: Python is an Open source language which makes it an affordable for development purpose rather than other languages like MATLAB which costs very high to buy its license. It is developed under OSI (Open Source Initiative)-approved open source license.
  • Data Structure and framework: In-built functions for data structure like list and dictionaries reduces runtime and length of support code. Frameworks like Web2py, Django, Turbo Gears, Pyramid, flask and cubic web are written in python. Full stacked and non-full Stacked frameworks are built in python which has the tendency to simplify the development of web applications. It makes web programming very flexible.
  • Testing Framework: Provided with build in testing framework for debugging.
  • Object Oriented: Python provides OOP’S (Object Oriented Programming) feature and hence supports feature like creating classes, objects, destroying objects, class inheritance and function overloading.
  • Fast Productivity: With all above features of integration, testing framework leads to small length of programs and faster than other languages.

Why Python:

Python is not the easiest language to learn, and fastest as well. R is considered easier than Python and Scala and Julia are faster than Python. Then why Python is considered best for Machine Learning? As it is a well-known fact that machine learning is totally based on the large data set which whom the model is trained. This data can be too large and too complex to understand.

For Data Analysis and finding patterns complex equations and mathematical calculations need to be done. It is only possible in Python with help of its libraries like SciPy, Numpy in a small and easy way. That’s why it is considered preferred in machine learning and deep learning.

In the nutshell, if one look today’s scenario, machine learning has become an integral part of technology growth and software industries. Humanoid robots, Google’s speech, Object detection API, Self-driving cars, Stocks prediction, Betting system, Disease prediction all these are the clear signs how machine learning is changing over the world. Talking about Python, Giant company Google made python one of its official language. Other popular companies such as Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, SurveyMonkey and Facebook too are using the same.

This implies how popular is python in today’s time. Amazon is one of the leading company in the field of AI. Amazon product recommendation system is remarkable. Microsoft and Amazon are spending a huge amount of money in developing products based on deep learning using python as the programming language.

All these facts conclude to a single point which states that in coming years, AI will be at the peak and python will be used as one of the most demanded languages. So if students learn python and machine learning as early as possible they will be driven to brighter future.


Author’s Bio: Gunjan Dogra is a Data Scientist in Webtunix Solutions Private Limited. She writes articles for her passion and knowledge sharing. Her articles have been published in the number of reputed sites like EzineArticles.com, ArticleCube.com, and Sooperarticles.com. A good thing about her article is that she includes multiple perspectives on a particular topic and draws a constructive conclusion.

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