Top 5 technical courses to learn in 2021

Top 5 technical courses to learn in 2021 2

With the growing technological advancements and thus the growing human needs, there is a wide requirement in the technological sector with various new technologies in the hype. Various surveys of online education portals state how almost 50% of the top searches are about technical fields and skills. Surveys state that between 2016 to 2019, only 6 out of 10 open tech seats were filled because of the lack of skills in new technical agendas.

The technological field is a wide ditch with various sub-fields and directions to opt-in 2021 to be a pro technical developer. Indian Staffing Federation predicted that by 2023, about 7 million people will be employed in the tech sector. But, at present, 30% of the tech vacancies get wasted without any employment due to the lack of new skills and factors.

Are you also an aspirant for computers, technologies, and developments? Are you confused between the best courses and the best choice for you? Do you want to enter the global tech giants like Google and Amazon, or be an entrepreneur with a successful development to transform a startup into a unicorn?

Let us roll our eyes over the top 5 courses that can help pave the way for you in the technological sector:

Artificial Intelligence MicroMasters Program on edX: 

AI is a simulation for the intelligence of humans, and is used to teach the machines and fed them with the data to ensure their accurate actions on the given issues. AI is the most demanded and rapidly transforming sector with a growth in the hiring rate by 74% in the past 4 years. 31% of the businesses aim at using AI in their various applications that increase the demand for AI specialists. 

This micro-master program carries 4 subparts and hence is the best course with various enhanced learning categories and in-depth knowledge on several concepts. Also, the program helps with the development of innovative projects and helps understand every concept of AI, and eventually, a certified faculty ensures the best assessments too. This program must be preferred as it also has a certificate at the end that is highly valuable being from a trusted source.

Machine Learning on Coursera: 

With about 49% of the present companies needing ML in their platforms, this machine learning field has surged at a high rate. Machine Learning provides enhanced user experiences and better performance of the application that is a necessity for any unicorn these days. From gaming apps to streaming ones, all of them use ML, and it is also used in Robotics and enhancing the services of several appliances. From recommendation systems to fingerprint sensors and face recognition, ML has a wide range of applications.

This course contains a broad introduction in the field and contains various subcategories like neural networks, deep learning, recommending systems, etc. It also provides the credits that are compulsory in several universities for the MOOC courses. Coursera has the courses from the top universities across the globe and the board-certified tutors that make this course preferable.

Introduction to Google Clouds Platform for Data Engineers on Udemy: 

Data engineering is the base for a Data Scientist. This job has increased by 35% in the hiring rate. Analysis and understanding of several datasets and extracting the useful information from them come under Data Engineering. They have several applications from the technology sector to medical one with several data analyses. 

This course provides a brief on all the core services required and is the best selection for a Data Engineering to base up for Data Science. Also, it helps with the understanding of several cloud-based platforms and working on the Google-based cloud platforms that are the top ones these days. Cloud-based learning is also preferable as it helps to secure the data too. Also, this program is from an expert who has a pre-knowledge in the field. 

Extended Reality (XR) – Building AR/ VR/ MR Projects on Udemy:

AR and VR are the new trends in the gaming industry with these skills getting required by 1,400% in 2019. With the AR and VR market sizes expected to reach billions by 2022, AR/VR engineers are at high demand these days. Since there are not many vacancies fulfilled for them, an AR/VR engineer might get enormous success with the help of proper knowledge. AR and VR both have several uses from gaming to photography, and the top applications like Pokemon-Go and Snapchat also use them.

With the growing demand, Udemy offers the best course as it also focuses on the concepts crucial for project developments. Udemy course is from an expert tutor, and the course also offers a certificate at the end.

User Experience Design fundamental on Udemy: 

UI/UX is the basic necessity of any web or app development. With various MNCs, UI designers always become a necessity as they ensure better experiences from the website or application and thus help enhance the number of users. For any development, this role is necessary and experts in these get freelancing offers too with a rich amount offered. This is the best career development option for a creative person who can ensure beautiful and decent interfaces.

This is the best course on UI/UX with about 67,405 students enrolled and a rating of 3.5-4. The course instructor himself is helping Fortune and other organizations with UX designing, and thus the experienced tutor here helps ensure project-based learning. There is also a certificate signed by the instructor that helps build the best resume too.

Bottom Line:

These are the growing sectors in this decade with several new updates and releases in the technology. These technologies are in high demand presently and are the most preferred ones to have a highly reputed job opportunity shortly. These are the courses that are best for any development learner to seek the proper information in the category.

For a successful future for any technical person, these courses are the best ones!

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